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F&F® Air Duct Heaters — DFF and DHFF Series

Used in small ductwork applications, these heaters can be arranged in banks or plugs to form higher wattage and voltage combinations.

TRENT DFF and DHFF Series Air Duct heaters consist of a fabricated aluminized or alloy steel support frame with pre-formed metal channels. In these channels, high-grade, refractory, slide-in, porcelain retainers are mounted to support one or two levels of three-tier high TRENT F&F® nickel-chrome, ribbon type heating elements. The overall rack frame dimensions for single bank racks are 6½” high and 11½” wide; two bank racks are 10¼” high and 11¾” wide.

DFF and DHFF Series — Electrical Ratings

DFF & DHFF Series Air Duct Heater Rack Electrical Ratings

*Any 3-Phase Open rack may be wired to its rated line voltage, provided a “WYE” jumper is connected across 3 open terminals, creating a 3-Phase “WYE” rack. The voltage across any single circuit of a 3-Phase Open rack would be equal to the rated voltage divided by the square root of 3 or:

Formula = E / 1.734

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